Covid-19 Diary Entry 7-10-20

Journal Entry 7-10-20


I keep reading more about how this virus is very similar to HIV and now some research has shown similarities to cobra venom? Things are getting more intense...


The news doesn't really talk about what this virus might be, mostly the numbers. Today we hit 12,625,156 reported cases worldwide. Almost 600,000 dead. It seems that there are long term effects of having this disease. This might not be true but I read that the military will not accept those who have ever had COVID.


There's a message board on Reddit where those who tested positive can talk about it together. It seems that many have difficulty breathing and have lower testosterone levels after contracting the disease. Also, there are personal reports of brain damage and fatigue (which might be linked to the testosterone levels). This disease is nothing to play around with and the people that refuse to wear masks or protest (Black Lives Matter protests) are experiencing a truly tragic event.


In other news, I posted to my Instagram story for the first time in a while yesterday night. I was watching a Malcolm X interview at Berkely in 1963. It was interesting hearing his perspective on white liberals. He states that white liberals are only pretending to be friends to black people while still wanting to be on top of the social hierarchy.  He also states how he is always suspicious of white people that join civil rights groups and try to lead them and how whites are used by the white political machine as he calls it to get black votes. It seems that maybe Malcolm X is trying to say mind your own business to white people? The whole interview seemed very relevant to today's matters.


For work I am still receiving business every day and my financial situation is better than ever. After I submit these last few documents for school I'll be on my way to registering for classes and returning for Fall 2020. It's strange to feel like the whole world is falling apart and my personal life has never been better, but I guess I'll just roll with the punches.


Oh and one last thing. I was doing some research and finally came across the right term for what the WPD software will be like. Bayesian Networks! This will be a Bayesian Network that uses A.I. and inputted data nodes to predict personality and record all personality changes across time. Time to learn more R programming language!


Thinking Differently,



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