Covid-19 Diary Entry 7-21-20

Journal Entry 7-21-20


Today was the first day I felt worried to go outside. Norma and I went to Kate Sessions park and it was filled with people, but only half or so were wearing masks. I'm still toiling with the new information about my family history. I'm not quite sure how this whole covid thing will play out with what I want to accomplish.


One side of things I get all this time to learn programming and other skills to make a software for wpd, but on the other, it's so draining knowing that the world is seemingly falling apart as I try to make something to bring it back up. It feels like just the task's mission statement is a responsibility greater than anything I could do right now. I think part of it is I didn't think before that I could really accomplish this, and who knows, I might not. However, I do know that I can learn to program and if I can learn to program I can create something worthwhile for those who are isolated and alone. And if I can make that software maybe enough people will get some use out of it that they can give feedback to make the next version of the program better.


I really do feel the mental health toll this virus is having on all of us. I've never felt so sure of a big shift in culture happening. I listen to podcasts daily about relationship advice or life advice, and it all seems so hard to implement in a world that's disconnected now at an interpersonal level within groups of friends. It's not even enemies or others that we aren't interacting with, it's society itself. I notice on social media those with money are not as affected by this. However, my girlfriend and I were talking about this today...that the decision of whether to work or not is seriously on the table. We know now that this disease has long term consequences in terms of months atleast. I spoke to a customer of mine who works at a hospital this morning and we both caught up on everything happening. I really like talking to him as he is very informed on this subject. So far no vaccines seem to be working. Those that might literally change the DNA or "train it" perhaps to defend against covid. China is now in wartime status and we are in fear status.


It seems this will be generation Z's big struggle. The struggle to maintain social bonds and good health. This disease isn't going anywhere, and we are going to have to find a way to thrive in a time where survival is becoming more and more uncertain. We're past 15 million officially reported cases. 619,467 deaths.


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