Dear Irony: Spirit of Enterprise and Opportunity

Dear Irony,

I love you so much. I cling to you the most when I’m at both my lowest and my highest. I use you for laughter and for greed. I covet my grievances with your blanket of discretion. I mourn for your loss in our lives as we bare witness to the growing monotony of excessive success and entrepreneurship in a country where minimum wage cannot even keep up with the inflation rate. With the death of Irony, as a collective group, we lose comedy and growth. I strive for Irony every day for the surprise it gives and for the new directions it forges into my and so many others’ lives. To that I say cheers and I pray for Irony to live on 'til the very end! For the entrepreneur inside all of us should strive to keep all of us healthy and curious because, at the end of the day, our economy and morale depends on it.



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