Digital Human Culture

Human culture.

Where does it derive from? How might we better understand it? We have to first look at how we grow up. When we have a solid foundation to prepare ourselves for life’s stresses, we can prosper. However, when we are given a technology-crazed pretentious world we are seeing today, we become unstable. In their scholarly journal article in Addictive Behaviors 85 (2018) Casale, Rugai, and Fioravanti find “a direct effect of FOMO levels on problematic SNSs use was also found among both genders”. This might suggest that our society’s culture is shifting to more fearful and insecure.

Social Media Effect

How does social media affect us? It is common knowledge that the more time one spends on social media, especially Instagram, the more likely they are to compare themselves to their peers. The problem with this is that Instagram is the makeup of your best and favorite moments filtered to be the perfect photo. Life is not perfect and no one lives a perfect life. This is false narrative people live is that of a separate reality for them. They now live their real life and their virtual life. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and others all provide a platform to create a new you. A new you without flaws or unhappiness, without grief or anger. We idealize the perfectly happy life without accepting that its impossible to obtain.


Can humans last much longer at this pace? No. We cannot keep feeding our minds with sub-valued content that isn’t beneficial to our futures. We do not need to know more about our peer’s lives, it’s not news, it’s simply a tool to motivate you to post your own content so that companies can profit off of you. When you don’t pay for a product or service, you are the product or service. Let that sink in. Don’t let yourself be used by social media especially since there are ways to have social media work for you. We can live the rest of our lives comparing ourselves to fake images of others or we can walk our paths independent and free. We decide who we want to be not by our posts or likes, but through our actions in real life. Start living it. Continue to think differently.



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