Disavowed Until Light

Do it for me. Do it for the person you know. Do it for the person who believes in you. Do it for them. Don’t sit by and let life happen to you because if you let life happen to you, you will suffer. You have to take life by the neck and wring it for all it’s got because no one else can do it for you initially.


Distraught by the temperament of life. Disavowed from a life of glee. We march forward and continue until we fall. When we fall, we look back and see what led us to fail. Failure breeds new direction and new direction facilitates new ideas. Opportunities are boundless and wretched. They can do nothing for you unless you take them. What you do with your life is up to you and no one else. Don’t put the blame on others for your failures, and it does not matter where you live, what your last name is, who you know, or what you do. It matters who you are and why you are that way. Finding a purpose is the least of most people’s issues according to how they decide to live. However, a purpose is one of the most important aspects of life. In this world of technology, we often forget how to be human and we simply comply with what is handed to us. Freedom is discouraged, but with no freedom, there can only be chaos eventually. Tied to a job with no purpose is tantamount to being tied to a pole and having your life stolen from you. Meaningful work is the only work for a human. What might we do when it seems all hope is lost? When we struggle to get out of bed. When our minds are a prison to our soul. What might we think of next, when can’t move on from the past? We dive deeper and deeper into our own psyche only to be met with pain and revelry. Where might we go when we are trapped. If we can dive so deep into our own psyche that we can come out the other side, maybe we can have a chance. Maybe we can think through all our past issues completely and thoroughly until we have processed even the most harmful prerogatives of the mind. With candle lit in the dark, we can see where to walk. We might not know when we’ll reach this light, but we know it’s there and we can feel its ever-soft warmth from a distance. Never let go and do it for me. Do it for your brothers, your sisters, and your loved ones. We all are in this dark environment together, and if we can reach out with our hands, we can hold on to each other as we venture further into the dark. Never let go and appreciate this journey together with your tribe. You can go as far as you like, but you might not like how far you end up going if you are alone. Go together and be brave.

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