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Why Is The Blog Named "Focused Reasoning. Disciplined Heart."?

To answer this I want to first unravel my definition of the term 'Disciplined Heart' and then explain Focused Reasoning sometime in the future.

Many times we wishfully think that things are one way when reality presents the truth in a very counterfeit way. We love one another based on our perception of each other, not based on who we all truly are. Our interactions are indicative of only our reactionary behavior to certain communications. When online, we tend to behave more aggressively due to a lack of identity or reputation to protect. When we are in person, we can be more personally judged for how we are perceived and thus we are less aggressive. We cast our fantasies and our doubts based on the destiny we believe is upon those we are judging. We see aggressive behavior from someone and believe they are destined for aggressiveness. We see the sadness in one's stature and we believe that person will always be sad (See Supervenience). For we cannot tell the future, we can only predict. Predictions are very tentative and without merit on many occasions. To base our realities upon the works of fiction we debilitate inside our minds which is a disservice to what we are all collectively capable of.

Why Pessimism Is A Mental Obstacle

Discipline comes from refusing to stray away from the desired outcome no matter the pain or suffering endured through the process. This is overtly a contrarian optimism displaced by one's idea of what discipline is in practice, versus what the end result might be. Some might say pessimism is just realism, but I argue against. To remain fruitful in spirit while delving deep into our self-conscious to unearth what we are truly capable of is learned, not instinct. Our instinct is to be on high alert, for there are natural predators abound. This is not the case anymore in modern society, we are driven to pursue our passions because we do not have to worry about our core right to live being challenged. If we do not accept this opportunity we are given in today's world, we are not progressing in our society. By not realizing the potentiality of our new world arena, we might never understand what life can truly reflect back on to ourselves. Discipline cannot foster without focused reasoning, which is destitute in fictionary pessimism. How can we deliver our character, when we do not even recognize who we are when we look in the mirror? This is not an ideal reality, because it's simply not reality at all.

Waver From The Norm

Reality is what you make of it, and optimism is the optimized strategy to fulfill our bright personas. Without question, this is no easy task. However, by reaching deeper into one's philosophies of life, we can direct our misfortunes away from our livelihood with a tonality of peace and deliverance, rather than haste and regret. When we look back at our lives and in history, it is only the ones that wavered from societal norms that stand out. These people, often times alone in their journey, presented their dreams, their optimism, and their candor, in such a light that their goals came to fruition. This is where we should aim to land. Why live a life averagely, when you can be something greater? These are questions you must ask, and answer, by yourself.

No one can give you what you want in this world without you having what you need already. Recede from the notion that you are not deserving of success. This is a cancerous thought process. This does not mean that we must live our lives in fear of relapse, and neither can we expect remission. We should only focus our reasoning by training our hearts with discipline.

Love Comes From Naked Discipline

Love comes from the heart and can die in the heart. We must base our reality of love on knowledge and circumstance. We cannot endure a remissive lifestyle and give excuses to others for their standing, however, we can judge others based on how far they have journeyed in achieving their defined goals. Happenstance is predicated upon the idea of a time and place intersecting with reality to create what you see right now. You cannot expect to be loved by everyone, nor should you strive to love everyone, but you can always be better. Part of being better is loving yourself every day. Every day you decide where your next step will be, how you will interpret your progress, and what divides you between you and your goals. Don't despair, seek support from your inner voice first, then find likeminded voices in those that may or may not yet be around you. Realize that in order to live differently, you must continue to think differently.




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