Don't Give In

Don’t give in to the disbelievers.


What we once thought was impossible, has now become reasonable. For what we once thought was a delusion, we now assume is delible. We walk relative to the shadow of others, but rarely comes a person who doesn’t look at shadows and doesn’t chase ghosts. It is rare for a person to step down from their chariot and forge a new path unbeknownst to most. What we have in society is due to these people. The people that see a mountain and dare themselves to conquer it. The people that see a hunt and dismiss any notion of retreat. What we used yesterday is not supposed to be what we use forever. We are creatures of evolution, and we demand progress. Progress is fickle and stressful, however once we get passed these troubled days and weeks and months, we may experience true glory and satisfaction. For the road we paved is now enjoyed by many. Despite some of these people disregarding your ability to create, you forged, and you hammered away. Always look down at your tool and never behind, for what can you do with a tool, if you can’t pay attention to what you are crafting. Perhaps the tests one must pass to become truly great are necessary to filter the genuine from the tumultuous. We were all placed here on earth to find our purpose. Whether we find it or not is up to the individual. What can be said, is that the gates of heaven might only open to those who believe.

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