Drug Addiction

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Here is a look into what drug overdose is like for some:


Weighted down by your own disgrace you look in the mirror and see someone you're not familiar with. You don't want to look away, but you can't help but be embarrassed at who you've become. What you've done to your body is unfixable. Your thoughts are different, your ways of coping are broken. You feel helpless, but you know that help is as easy as not taking that pill. You wonder if there's an easier way out only to realize your easy way out of pain is taking this pill. You think maybe it isn't so bad. You think it's okay just long enough to swallow it down with some water. As you feel the pill and liquid move down your throat, you start to regret what you've done. The water feels more like a liquid form of regret that is slowly making its way through your body, poisoning your senses. Differing from your usual cadence, you look back up in the mirror and remember who you used to be. You remember who you're afraid to be...yourself. The tragedy of a broken identity using pills as a band-aid, cursed by the childhood trauma you don't know how to talk about. It's easier to sit in silence in blissful ignorance than to face the realities and cold, sober, world. Because when you're sober, there's nothing that can help you but yourself. Not pills, not friends, not family. These pills have become your everything because you think this is the new you. You were told you were broken and so the doctor gave you these pills to fix you. It's okay, it's how life is supposed to be lived...right? Wrong. You know deep down you need to change. And by change, you know you have to face sobriety head on. Mid-thought, you start to feel the pill takeover. You can't stop it. You can't do this all over again, but if you just close your eyes and let the pill take you, you can forget about all of these painful thoughts. For the pain that we disregard is the pain we can't exfoliate from our lives. You lay back on your bed, you wonder if this will ever change, or if this is it. Your eyes shut. Your breathing slows. Your mind turns off. You don't have to feel your pain anymore. Your heart stops. You don't have to feel anymore. The sirens wail. You are lost.

Continue to think differently.


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