Empowerment of Women

Sometimes women envy what men have and are because they feel betrayed and used by men. They know they have beauty to offer but they have had their beauty abused for so long they now wonder "what makes men so great that I should rely on them when I'm vulnerable?. Because every time I've been vulnerable I've been betrayed...".

They seek the power of men to take vengeance upon men and seek to regain their identity as a woman. In this process of transcendence, they transcend down from heaven into hell. For seeking greater beauty than what women offer is arrogance and gluttony.

If they realized what women are capable of without the need for aggression, they would realize the privilege of womanhood, the value of womanhood. We must play to our roles of men and women to realize our true potential and true empowerment.


Thinking Differently,


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