Forgotten Men

Don’t forget men

Men are being forgotten in this world where “fathering a child” simply means to get a woman pregnant. We live in a world where children and society do not have a proper need, desire, or faith for men. Men are tried for their breadwinning capabilities only to be shown a world that can outsource and replace men at a whim. What is to be said about a society where 50% of its population cannot find meaning in life? Look at the opioid epidemic. Look at rising single motherhood. Look at the crumbling moral rectitude we see. Fathers are portrayed as dumb and useless in the mass media. Men cannot be treated this way, because for a society to survive, it needs men. It is horrifying that this sounds controversial to type out, but it needs to be said over and over.

Do not forget the men. Do not forget their contributions.

David Blankenhorn (1995) and David Popenoe (1996) conclude that:

  1. Fatherhood has become smaller with fewer things that remain socially defined as a father’s distinctive work;
  2. Fatherhood has been devalued with many perceiving that fathers are simply not very important, and perhaps superfluous;
  3. Fatherhood has become decultured, denuded of any authoritative social content and definition.

To be without work or purpose as a man takes a heavy toll on his psyche. With the coming of the industrial revolution and the coming A.I. revolution, men will be further excluded from their families. What once being a father meant being a moral teacher and a guide has been divested from men and left them with simply masculinity and aggressiveness. Frustration will breed from these mistakes and it is critical that we fix this issue.

As stated in the Old Testament, Elijah will one day return and “return the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers” (4:6 NASB). We must blaze this path for us to continue. Let us reflect with poignant brevity what we need for our children, our men, and our society. Continue to think differently.


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