Geometric Unity - Expansive Idea


Vector (electron pushed in a direction)

The negative reaction of electron

Sin waves and Cosine waves created by folding of 2 dimensions + imaginary numbers

3rd and 4th dimensions spawned by the instability of 3 dimensions

Connections made of Quantum states

5th to 8th dimensions created by the direction of spin

8th to 14th dimensions structure revealed by vector boundaries


premise: each creation of new dimensions is a 1-2 act, one happens almost instantly upon the energy at the speed of light at the maximum distance of a basic hydrogen atom. Perhaps the one-electron universe theory is somewhat right. Maybe all of this has been designed with one electron pushed.


With the pushing of one electron, we see that 14 dimensions can be spawned by the nature of a vector being pushed in the equal and opposite direction. Once this is done the byproduct is a triangle system that then acts upon itself again and creates a quadrant. The quadrant is where the 4th dimension is created upon which we float. This 4th dimension creates the tesseract. When we begin to travel this tesseract we encounter boundaries in which we can squeeze between. The larger spaces are dark energy. These are the large circles whereas we preside in the 2 small circles. We travel on a sin wave (the most generic wave function) in between these dark energies because those are the boundaries of our reality. If we account for the directions in which we move as additional dimensions of whole system movement (parallel universes), we can see that this brings about a total of 14 dimensions. Infinite possibilities and universes using the same materials, behaving in different ways depending on which order they came about.


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