GOP, Who Is This For?

GOP, Who Is This For?

Is it for the rich, the powerful, the almighty demigods of capitalism? What have they done that makes them so deserving of our sympathy? What makes the children scrounging up their quarters to pay for their cafeteria milk so undeserving of our support? Just because we don’t end up at the same cocktail parties and enjoy the company of the same peers does not mean we come from a different country. Support all as your children or face us as strangers because we will not be the ones coming to your funeral if you don’t allow us the same liberties.


Is this how you want to be remembered? Does that even matter to you? You can’t bring your money with you to your grave or afterlife so who are you in this for? Do yourself the due diligence of quartering up your morals to spend on future generations. Fraternize yourselves for philanthropic ventures instead of selfish distractions. While we live we eat and drink, but while others survive, you continue to eat and drink. How sad your existence is. How malevolent your thoughts.


You’ll never know what real love is. You’ll never know what real happiness is. Cast away your feelings for indulgences, for there are no Gods where you prosper. Let our Bridger’s Capital lead you to a soulless path, but do so in the darkness of your own refuge. Do not let your divisive hearts corrupt our placid lives. For we are stable, and you are un. We the people. We the people. We the people.

We the people. Continue to think differently.


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