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So today was objectively a good day. I got a good workout in this morning, made good money at work, and made more practical progress in the business idea of life coaching with data analysis. I am hopeful for this new business and am in the planning stages of working out a way to utilize the software best. I think having a small sample of 5 or so people to test out the consulting work would be best after talking to my mother about how I should set this up. I am thankful that I've written so many blog posts and diary entries, because it gives me some great data to pull from for the alpha tests that I can do on myself. It will be highly interesting to see what comes of these tests.


My programming knowledge in R is progressing nicely. I've decided to take my education of the programming language more seriously so that I can start consulting in 2021. My goal is to have the business setup for 5 customers this next year and to help change their lives for the better and be there for them. Financially I would like to make $86,000 in 2021 so that means that I will have to be charging these people considerable amounts in the range of $250 to $400 per month for my services. This is also why I must work diligently to increase my credibility during this time which will be hard because that requires pulling every part of my life together and tightening things up. I'm excited for this as I feel sufficiently prepared to take on this responsibility, however it really is a big step so there are some nerves anxiously being tested.


My hopes are high for 2021, and I really want to begin my start at changing peoples' lives for the better, I truly hope I can make a difference in the world and I'm excited to say this is the beginning of that journey. Continue to think differently.



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