How To Argue - Compromise

Understanding Eliminates Emotion. By disengaging from the emotionally vicious cycle of arguing back and forth in the heat of the moment, we should instead take a step back and evaluate why the other person might be feeling that way.


Arguments with significant others or friends and family can be difficult and emotionally taxing. On one hand, we care about them, but on the other, we care about our perspective, our point, our side. What's a good way to work this out?

Most of the time I have found that disengaging from an argument is the best way to solve it. Sometimes all we need is some space and time to recollect our thoughts and come back into the situation with a fresh mind. Try not to get caught up in the moment and instead try to figure out intuitively why the other person is thinking the way that they are. Try not to think about what they are saying, and more so why they are saying it. Put yourself in their shoes with the context of their human segment of society, be it male or female, black or white, and try to understand their struggles.

A woman lives a much different life than a man, and vice versa. People of color undoubtedly have different upbringings than caucasian people. I don't mean this in a prejudiced way, just as a cultural difference and how society treats each other slightly differently for how they are. To understand another person's struggles allows you to understand their perspective. Sometimes this is the most valuable tool in arguments is to reverse engineer their thought process to understand what they are trying to accomplish. If we can understand how they would like to feel, we can guide the conversation towards a compromise between how we would like to feel, and how they would like to feel. Many people just want to be understood, however, sometimes it's hard to get that idea across. If we can all begin to be more open to understanding rather than reacting, we can all live generally better lives as we continue to think differently.


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