Integrity of Elections

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Brian Kemp, Stacey Abrams, Desantis, and Gillum

With the clear conflict of interest of Brian Kemp being the Secretary of State of Georgia while running for the Senate position puts Stacey Abram in a tight spot. Here we analyze the integrity of the 2018 midterm elections. What might we say to the future generation that is watching this horror story of an election cycle? What might we teach them if all we have is a steaming pile of corruption? We have to stand tall and keep our elections legitimate without conflicts of interests or dark money pouring into them. We have to keep fighting the good fight and learn from these times we are currently in. We the people deserve more.

Fear of the Unknown. Fear of Losing Control.

Though some might be afraid of the unknown or losing control, we need to unify rather than divide. Unity breeds progress where division breeds conflict. We are above these antics. For the Republicans, some feel afraid of the other side gaining control. For the Democrats, some feel afraid of the other side gaining control. Instead, we must focus together on the problems we face as citizens rather than as competing enemies. While these parties provide a platform for people to understand the philosophies of a candidate easier, maybe information like our beliefs shouldn't be easily digestible by grouping us into idealogical alphabet soups in politics.

We Must Choose Unity Over Fear

The same way that people demonize the other side, they also dehumanize their own side. They do this by putting their leaders on a pedestal without fully understanding their leaders' intentions. People tend to be different on stage with a microphone in front of a large audience. This is normal, however, what isn't normal is the deep lack of empathy to be able to rob these people while they cheer you on. Many of the people that voted from Trump and their Republican party members largely have much to lose by their policies. Right now one party is acting out of fear and the other out of unity. There is no denying fear is an important and vital emotion for all of us in our survival, however where we differ is how we prioritize fear or acceptance. As always, continue to think differently.


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