Jesus Would be Hated Today

What does it take to make it in this world? It seems that many that are ruthless make it, and those that are more empathetic lose. However, what if someone was both empathetic and ruthless? Or maybe ruthless would be a bad combination...maybe perhaps passionate woulda be a better word for it?


I had this thought today while working that perhaps if Jesus was still alive today forgetting everything he is now, but just as a person then; I think he would have been hated by most people. He probably wouldn’t be nailed to a cross lol but it seems he wouldn’t have many friends per say. Sure he would have followers, but I would imagine friends would have a hard time keeping up with his personality.


Thinking about if this were true is very sad. It seems that even the best people in the world can be hated. It seems like the classic Cain vs Able story. Envy can bring about hate unlike any other. Destroying the ideal is not recommended at all I would say.


So anyways, I wasn’t trying to compare myself to Jesus or anything, I don’t have nearly as nice of hair. However, the basic premise can be translated to many people in history. Mister Rogers for example had people that hated or didn’t trust him which is crazy to think about it because he was such a great guy. 


They say the worst thing you can do to someone is to punish them for doing good. If you punish someone for doing bad things even the person doing the bad thing can subconsciously understand why they’re being punished. The good person all too often is first hit with confusion, then frustration, then anger, then vengeance. 


I think if we just understood more about critical thinking and putting one another in each other’s shoes we can not only understand our subconscious actions and how we can be both good and evil, but also we can understand how others can be both good and evil.


You have to be able to take the good info away from even bad people. Everyone has truth you can learn from, you just have to listen carefully.


Thinking Differently,


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