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I’ve been looking at how to keep a healthier mindset when working long 12+ hour days studying, working, trying to work out, and maintain my social and family life healthy and thriving. It’s not been easy nor as successful as I would like but I’ve been loving the end result. I just started preliminary dabbling in the clothing brand market which makes that the 2nd business (more like distraction haha) from my studies and work.  I’m finding myself without sleep and without stability. It’s very unnerving, to say the least, however, I’ve been treading water for so long this isn’t anything new. This brings me to my point of this blog post: if you have dealt with a lot in life you can, if you can allow yourself to, to grow a thicker skin. Toughen up, tighten up, become more focused on what you truly want and you can deliver more than what anyone thought you could do. Even if you know nothing about something doesn’t mean you can’t learn. The best thing you can do is just be you. If you do not just follow your dreams but chase them down like death is trying to get you, you will succeed in a way that will benefit you. Give out your true genuine and good intentioned energy. Even if you fail, you will learn how you failed, if you succeed, you damn well better analyze why you succeeded because we all know success is limited at times and you will need as many successes as you can possibly get to stay above water. Keep your chin up, stay distracted in your true priorities. Some people may lie to you, steal from you, or show a cruel side to you, but you will still be you, you must. Fortunately, as long as you can look in the mirror and not be afraid and perhaps even love what you see, you will keep going. You just will. Who would want someone they love to stop what they were doing that made them fall in love with themselves? Be respectable as much as you are unpredictable in your courageousness. Then once you show true courageousness, keep practicing that. You will become strong and reliable and trustworthy. Stability is what the majority of people desire, but sometimes your ship as to survive a few storms before it can make it to the new world. Keep going. Keep going. You always have control in some way or another. Either by controlling yourself enough to get back up after a punch or simply stand your ground. Your true character is only a few actions a day from who you dream of you being like one day. Always one day. Keep dreaming. Keep going. Keep going...continue to think differently.


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