Justice, Love, and Mercy

Deliver the truth no matter what.

In today's world, we are struck by the antithesis of genuine conversation. We are controlled by the reactions of others and left to fend for our own rather than for our neighbors. Why should we continue living if not for others? Is it so worthwhile to live for simply yourself?

We have to look at what gives us hope, love, and passion. We cannot evade the struggles of life, but together we can thrive regardless of the misfortunes. We can neither live, nor die when we live in the purgatory of falsehoods in our life. This is why it is important to retrace the truth within ourselves and deliver a moral compass guided by our desire to improve ourselves.

Why bother with revolution when we suffer from depression? Why endure evolution when we fight adaptation?

Finding meaning within ourselves is both noble and necessary and without the mercy of our friends and family, we cannot lead ourselves to salvation.

Continue to think differently.


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