Keys to Success

Reddit's Keys to Success


1. Having low expectations.

- [deleted]

2. Planning

- MrMasterPlanner

3. Determination.  

- The_Great_Northwood

4. The key to success is being able to figure out what your definition of success is.

- Ratan_84

5. Success = ability + effort + luck

The problem you run into is that you only completely control effort and that's bounded by time constraints.

You can improve ability by only so much and to do so you have to use some of your limited efforts.

Luck is completely random with an unknown probability distribution.

So we get:

Success = Born Ability + (learned skills × effort) + remaining effort + E (luck)

 6. You can't be afraid to fail first off.

You have to believe in what you are doing and work as hard as you possibly can.

The last thing is to reflect on your successes and failures to learn from your experiences

7. Understand that when something is not working, to make a change to overcome the problem as it may be going against their original plan. This is hard for many, as some may strongly believe the original plan will work and grind it out thus making things worse.

- kaloo98

8. Don't be they

- Hwight_Doward

9. there are a million ways to success, just like there are a million ways to climb a mountain. you need patience, perseverance, and an optimistic attitude even when things are not as bright as you imagined

- 7018_is_king

10. Will power

- I_am_fed_up_of_SAP


I hope these answers will help guide you! These are the words are average people who are actually very similar to everyone else. Just because you are average or were born in a less wealthy family or with worse genetics. You have what it takes inside you. IF and only IF you find the right answer for you. Look inside yourself for who you are and make that person important to you. You and your values can be exemplified in every action you do. BE YOU. The more you accept who you are and what struggles you have experienced and lived through, the more ammo you have to accomplish harder struggles. Build these mental calluses and prepare yourself for life.

I leave you guys with two quotes from the movie "Gattaca"

Vincent Freeman: You want to know how I did it? This is how I did it, Anton: I never saved anything for the swim back.
Vincent Freeman: You want to know how I did it? This is how I did it.
Young Anton: I never saved anything for the swim back.

Vincent Freeman: There's no gene for fate.

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