Learning Questions

Maybe we have a lot to learn. But what’s wrong with learning? Learning is the foundation of all humanity. For those who deny themselves education are those who deny themselves life. What is a life worth living it is not worth investing in? What might we learn from those who decide that they are not right for a more intellectual lifestyle? What we might learn is that they aren’t as happy as they might project. When we look in the eyes of someone who has not invested into themselves we can not see much of value. We inherently look at others for what value they can add to our lives. This is human nature and perfectly acceptable. We are a progressive creatures and desire better at whatever cost. If you are someone who might believe they have not invested into their life what others have put into their lives maybe the best thing we can ask ourselves is why? It’s a very simple question to start with, much easier than asking yourself what you will do. This is the basis of learning...why can’t we live a better life? A happier life? A fulfilling life? We have to consider these simple questions that lead to big consequences because if we are not progressing we are not growing and if we are not growing then we are dying. This is the premise of the logo I use to sign each post. We are all in this life swimming together in this vast ocean. If we do not continue swimming forward then what are we doing? We are either wading in the water hoping for a something to help us or we are letting ourselves sink. And even if we find we can’t swim no longer and this is where we might sink, it is vastly more honorable to live a trying life than a life of doubt and fear. Don’t doubt yourself. Doubt the world in its difficulty. Maybe the world is hard right now, maybe it’s extremely painful. However, why is it painful right now? Why is it hard? Why are you here? Why are you stagnant? Why aren’t you...living? These are the simple questions that lead to big consequences and sometimes those consequences lead to prosperity. Don’t doubt yourself. You’re sometimes only one simple question away from bettering your life. Just remember to continue to think differently.


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