Life Purpose Pyramid

    Imagine your life purpose as a cube. With the three dimensions being:

    1: Thinking; 2: Shaping; 3: Change.

    These are the dimensions of which we can view our opportunities in life. When you start off with getting someone to think about their likes, it jump starts a process of getting someone to think about what makes them happy. What things do they currently do that helps them shape their lives to be happy? Some people substitute fake happiness with purpose. Drug addiction, for example, can fill this gap of contentment, satisfaction, and purpose.

    When allowing ourselves to be honest and think about what makes us happy, we can begin to understand why those things make us happy, and if the literature says these things make other people happy in a healthy manner. We can begin to make relationships between our likes and create a common theme or denominator that connects them. By researching these relationships we can find other relationships between the common denominators in an individual's life with more scientific keywords that can help shape our range of research. These are the first 2 dimensions of the cube. By figuring out what we think and why we think it we create a coordinate grid with relationships between variables (variables being the keywords and ideas). When we have this initial starting point, we can research further and better understand how we might shape our likes to better reflect who we are and differentiate what is healthy and beneficial to our lives and what is irrelevant. The more planes of thinking and shaping you create the more complex your structure of opportunities in life becomes and essentially the denser your cube of purpose becomes. Now I wouldn't recommend making this too complex as this makes it hard to scale to a mass audience if you don't put a limit on the density of research. So if we limit the number of likes we're researching, eventually we will run out of things researchers have found out so far while still getting a very good idea of what we should do. You will know when you reach the end of your research when the research starts to bend back into itself presenting no new keywords or ideas, or citing authors you have seen before.

    When we get to the limits of what we can research. we can then start changing, which is the 3rd dimension. Once you are at this stage you have your cube. The goal up until this point in relation to the model of hierarchical complexity is to have made it to the step of constructing metasystems and super systems. Each 2-dimensional square plane is a system of ideas and relationships bounded by research and studies.

    The next step is to take these paradigms and start combining and stacking them onto each other with relevant relations. This is where we start to change our lives and take our cube and sculpt it into a pyramid. So the point you first started with is just the starting point at the top of the pyramid. These are the very basic things that we started with that don't necessarily relate to what makes you fulfilled in life, but they do give a starting point for the pyramid. the more we research, the larger the gamut of topics and relationships is realized which increases the perimeter of the paradigm planes.

    Essentially, you are reverse engineering who you are from your conscious behavior to get to the subconscious foundation of who you are. Once we finally get to the last plane of our research, we can start carving off the sides of the cube to form our pyramid by referring back to the research on what is relevant to your life contentment. This is when we look back at the bigger picture and see how we want to shape our lives and ultimately find our life purpose. This bounds us to a whole structure of ideas and thought patterns that will keep us on track and in the bounds of what makes us truly satisfied in life.

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