Lockdown Starts Tomorrow...Again

So I'm admittedly pretty stressed right now. I'm looking at expanding my other business car detailing (fingers crossed on my first employee), and now this lockdown is happening again in California. It seems this is the best time to start a new business but also the worst to have an established small business. Thankfully, I'm at the establishing part of the business so no worries so far. Anyways, It's looking like tensions are rising again in this state, and I don't think people will take kindly to this stay at home order.


It seems people are getting sick and tired of being told to stay home and not enjoy the cities they live in. Many of us have spent our whole lives living in these communities and our mental health is at stake here. I predict this round will drive up depression and suicide even more than the last two. It's easier to get through 2 of something, but the 3rd time plays into the "3 strikes and you're out" kind of loser archetype I suppose you could call it. Many people will take this as a sign these lockdowns will never end, and they will feel trapped. I feel for these people and I've decided to take this time to embrace sobriety even more so in my life and taking out legal substances from my life. I feel like this will be seemingly impossible for most people and likely even myself. I think it's hard to find enlightenment in dark times, but hopefully by finding light during the darkest of moments, this will prove to ourselves that light is stronger.


As for my financial situation, things are slighlty difficult as is always for the winter seasons here in southern california, however I'm optimistic as I stated before I am looking to expand business. Is it possible to be extremely stressed, but more optimistic? I guess we'll see if the light conquers the darkness. Continue thinking differently.


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