Loss of A Brother

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Some might know what it's like, others might not. That's okay.

A few years back I lost a friend of mine named Ryan. He was an amazing person and a gentle soul. His life was lost for no reason other than happenstance. While this might be frustrating for some, I think it is just how the world works. Some days we're here, and other days we're not. That's just how it is. Whether or not we agree with it, life will continue, and we will collectively maintain hope. Everyday humans are subject to abject suffering and turmoil. Every day we prevail. This is an extraordinary testament to our human willpower. What we endure does not define us, it is simply what we have experienced. On that note, the experience is a whole other subject. What we experience is different from what others experience, but that doesn't make their existence any less sufferable. Just because one person's suffering might be relatively worse than another doesn't make it any less bad. We have to look at the margin. Let me explain what I mean by that...Everyone experiences a separate degree of pain and suffering.

We hope that humanity, as it stands, gets better over time.

Therefore, we hope that the margin of pain and suffering gets shifted down the scale of pain and suffering steadily over time so that one more severe pain might analogously translate to a lesser pain in a future culture.

Distinct from our own, maintain hope regardless of culture

What we should realize is that we are in a different time period than what other humans have experienced. This lends itself to a whole different set of ideas. What one man in 1676 experienced versus 1776 is very different. One time period had leaders that understood that rights should be equal among men and the other was discovering another world altogether. We today can rise above rudimentary lines of thinking. We should suffer less and enjoy more. What happens when we suffer more and enjoy less? We become isolated, and think inwardly, and react outwardly. It is essential to our survival and pursuit of happiness to maintain hope in ourselves, even in the darkest times, and especially in the darkest of times. Our human journey to experience life and find meaning in it is never-ending. It is crucial that we all keep trying and carry ourselves up any obstacle until we find something to hold on to. It's amazing what we can accomplish when we tell life we aren't letting go, we're going to keep going. This requires us becoming comfortable being very uncomfortable. This starts when you continue to think differently.


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