Moving In

Covid-19 Diary Entry 8-17-20


Today I moved into my new apartment. This has been a huge step in making my business a reality as now I have my own home base. I think there is something to that in terms of feeling ready to start taking life seriously in terms of fostering my own career path. It seems that this is ever more difficult in today's society.


I was thinking about classism while working today. How blue-collar labor is considered beneath white-collar jobs, however, what happens when you are successful at your blue-collar job and rise above into white-collar management of that work, or beyond? This is where someone rises far above what someone who is and has always been white-collar. The blue-collar work ethic is unparalleled in my opinion. The sheer amount of physical toll and subsequent mental fortification required to complete a 12 or 16 hour workday in blue-collar work is superhuman.


It's why we look up to legendary fictitious figures such as Paul Bunyun. The working man who can get any job done. I think part of why we don't see more men like this is that the media doesn't idolize figures like this anymore. Perhaps this is for a more sinister or perhaps benign reason, however, it does seem that this is the case.


The masculine figure of today is confused and likewise is the feminine figure. Finding a feminine woman is very hard in today's world. Anyways, these are just some thoughts today as I move forward in the adventure of life. Continue to think differently.


Thinking Differently,


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