My Own Worst Enemy

Most of the times we are our own worst enemy. Take plight in this devilish feeling that plagues our hearts and torments our aspirations. We have to delve deeper into what our psyche should be rewarded with instead. Our mental state should be dictated not by our internal tendencies, but by our internal compass. Keep on your path to success without giving homage to anxiety. Our anxiety is holding our society back as we constantly recheck our posts' likes to see how much we are loved. Let us not be looking into these black mirrors when instead we can look into an actual mirror to figure out why we are our own worst enemy at that moment in time. When we can take away the variables and keep independence over our capacities that we can deliver to the public a more suitable performance unlike ever seen before. And when it comes time to reveal your accolades, announce them at the top of your lungs. Never let the progress of your accolades be too well known. Cherish them and hold them close to your heart for you to enjoy. Life is all about the journey and if you are constantly reporting back to the public what you are feeling, those grand emotions you feel on your quest to success are no longer yours. You have given it all away if you sacrifice them in this manner. Be responsible and docile. Never boast too far from your home, and you will never get lost. Stay true to who you are and let yourself be your friend, your cheerleader, your guardian. Make sure to be mindful of the environment around you and move steadfastly into your next venture without maladaptation or disinterest. Keep check of your demons or they will capture your soul. If you do all of the above, you will be your own best companion. You will feel comfortable in your own skin because you can finally wear it with pride. Your emotions will no longer stay privy to the public eye, but instead, you will concentrate on what makes you joyful and boisterous instead. Peace.

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