My Writing Assignment

  1. I am 24 years old, I was born in 1996. I am male. My family has had a rough time of things overall which has strengthen us in the end. My grandfather grew up in a literal tent during the great depression, my mother grew up on a farm, and I grew up moving over a dozen times during childhood living in poverty with my mom and half sister. I have an engineering mindset, but technology is not the right industry to be in at the current time in my opinion, or at least for me as a career. Psychology seems to be the correct path for me. My family background of Scottish masonry and deep family ties to what they call the holy bloodline have influenced my identity of building and constructing things. My mother is an architect by trade and I’m a Freemason so geometry, symbolism, and esoteric thinking are part of my identity as well. Overall, my struggles growing up have shaped me to think a lot more seriously about my future than my peers.
  2. I was born in 1996 so I am a Generation Z. My generation is marked by a lack of purpose and identity and almost a split personality between that of our online persona and our real life persona. This will be the first generation that has grown up with a large part of their identity being rooted in their online presence which I believe in conjunction to the current pandemic and psychological impacts of wearing face masks (blocking visible facial expressions) and severely reduced social interaction will severely hinder this generation’s abilities to take healthy risks such as entrepreneurship and more importantly mentally healthy. I think this generation will seek conservativism and family values as a backlash to liberal ideology which will either dismantle or help reconstruct the higher education system.
  3. Our generation has increased anxiety in both intrinsic confidence and social anxiety. My mom’s generation (genX) was the beginning of the influence of a liberalism in America, however she grew up working very hard to make ends meet. I think that while hard work has gotten many older generations a stable living, that this generation will be split between lower and upper class very sharply. I grew up with lower class kids and the percentage of those who made it out of poverty with me is very small. Many lower class kids will remain in this class the rest of their life with little class mobility. Those in the upper class in this generation will stagnate and be depressed as they find it’s more difficult to build a career or legacy in today’s gig economy. The reality I’ve realized as a young adult who runs his own business out of necessity rather than passion is that if you are working for someone, you are being used. The upper class kids of this generations’ currency is not money, it’s how much attention you can receive. It is if you can go viral or not. Skill is no longer necessary, but a successful marketer can make any product sell. This is how the upper-class kids will get by.
  4. I am certainly not a typical member of my generation. I grew up in a single mother household, but with a very idealistic perspective. I grew with very little guidance and a lot of chaos, so my perspective has been molded by much reading of the great historic figures to figure out what manhood means and what womanhood means leading to my more conservative perspective. I’ve essentially had to go on a philosophical and spiritual journey to get to where I am now with my own apartment, own car, and paying my own bills including full tuition cost and medical bills. Growing up in the ghetto I realize the importance of working hard. I work almost every waking second and if I’m not working, I’m doing something to get my mind off work. It is hard to relate to those around me who play video games or socialize to fill their time, but this is mostly just a difference I notice on college campuses. The time I put in working is the necessary sacrifice for those coming from my tax bracket that want to achieve greater things in life though. I know what it’s like to be homeless, to live in garages, to sleep in your car, to live in a homeless shelter, being a drug addict, and now running my own business while going to school full time so being different is all I’ve become accustomed to. It’s hard to be different in this generation because it’s so much more satisfying and acceptable to fit in. This is true of any generation and of human history in general, but with even the slightest exposure to social media, these days an optimistic kid can turn very cynical and perhaps even nihilistic. They then turn this cynicism inward or outward. I believe that this very issue I just stated is why this generation’s “war” is that of transcendence and intellectualism. If we can push for the idea to always reach for truth rather than to desperately seek acceptance from others, we can separate from our tribal paradigms and see the world more empathetically and logically.

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