Our Collapsing Society

Let's visit the history of humanity. Let's travel back to the hunter and gatherer times of humanities timeline. I will examine the roles of each gender in creating society as we once knew it and how it is being torn apart by the opposing manifestations of order and chaos.


The role of men in history:

Men are traditionally known as providers for society. Men have created something like 93% of all inventions. There's something in this that most people don't see. Some people nowadays think men have more freedom or privileges than women to choose what they want to do in life. However, let's look back at how history has faired for men and what they had to do to survive.



Men had to hunt. That was their duty and responsibility in past times. There was no freedom to decide to be either a doctor or a lawyer, a plumber or an electrician. They had to hunt or else their society as they knew it would collapse. If they didn't go out to hunt, their family would starve, and they themselves would starve to death. These things are not preferable obviously as death is rarely seen in a positive light. However, let's try to make a connection from ancient humanity to modern humanity. In today's world, men don't have to literally hunt to kill in order to survive, we instead need to get food on the table (traditionally speaking) by having a stable job or a large enough short term income to sustain long term comfortable living. This is similar to consistently hunting for deer in the woods or farming and more consistently than not getting a survivable amount of food back to the tribe versus caravans of hunters that would trap animals and use tactics to win the jackpot and kill as many as possible to bring back to the tribe and survive the winter. 

Some might even make the connection to today's world of entrepreneurship versus stable careers. A stable career is looked upon positively, however, the sense of grandeur and triumph in life similar to that of a successful hunt to survive the winter can be seen as entrepreneurship and creating a team of hunters to accomplish this big and dangerous task of jumping deep into unknown territory to attain an awe-inspiring prize.

Is this a prize or a responsibility? It's both

Some think men today have more freedom to choose their career than women, however, I want to pose an idea that maybe those people might be looking at the situation wrong. See, men and women have separate roles in society that are necessary for survival or else nature would have allowed us to be asexual creatures.

Men's Role: to provide (traditionally speaking)

It's not in men's nature to fully nurture, and neither is it women's nature to fully provide. However, men and women can do both in similarly discreet amounts Now we can begin to look at providing in today's world as "hunting", not literally of course though. Men do not possess the freedom to simply only nurture or else they will be looked down upon by a large portion of society and thus be less likely to be selected as a partner in creating another human. Why? Because men are designed by nature to provide. No man wants this bad outcome so it is thus their responsibility to humanity to "hunt". There are thousands of different ways to "hunt" in modern times, however, they must find the most effective way to hunt for them in order to provide the most possible for others they care about. 

Women's Role: to nurture (traditionally speaking)

Women play the role in society of making sure our population continues by birthing children and taking care of others. This is for the betterment of society and the naturalistic side of humanity as a whole. Now both men and women have freedom within these roles to go about them however they want and they can still feel fulfillment and satisfaction in life. However, when we begin to conflate a career as more freedom than just simply having to provide, we start to make the assumption that providing will give women the same sense of satisfaction in life. This is not in men's nature. Men must figure out how they will hunt, women know that they have at least the ability (more so evolutionary responsibility) to create another human like them.

How this ties into issues today:

Men and women today are competing in the workplace. This has never been the case before in human history. With that, there are new problems not seen until the last 60 years or so. Women are naturally inclined to bring society together in a cohesive manner and smooth out differences between each other to make things work. Men create the structure of society to allow things to continue working with as little vulnerability as possible. Modern jobs are their way of hunting.

We haven't changed our old ways, our new ways have changed how we see ourselves.

The problem with this is that today's society of men and women are being told to be both nurture and provider no matter what. This does not work well. Of course, no one is forced to not have a career or forced to nurture, however, our nature tells us what will truly satisfy us in life. Men today are being told that their masculinity that has helped society sustain its structure and growth is useless, or worse yet, horribly oppressive. This is counterproductive to society as we can't continue looking at our nature as oppressive. We are both demon and saint, devil and angel. This goes with the idea of yin and yang. We must develop the ways that give us true satisfaction or else we end up with a political culture as we see it today. Let's now look at our political culture.

Our Political culture

There are Republicans and Democrats. Republicans are trying to reign in on creating a tyrannical structure to sustain the masculine expression in politics whereas Democrats are trying to pull in the opposite direction of creating cohesivity and equality. By pulling these ideas apart versus looking for ways to integrate them together, we are essentially forcing the serpents of yin and yang to attack each other. Both sides ultimately are trying to mean well, but without working together they pull further into the extremes. Extreme masculinity is extreme order which looks similar to a tyrannical dictatorship. Extreme femininity is extreme chaos which looks like the tyrannical composite of nurture and vulnerability. We must find balance in these two soliloquies. Failure to do so will force society to try to find equilibrium by pulling in opposite directions. While this might feel like fighting for freedom, this is more likely a push towards loneliness as we become divided and frustrated as a society. Let's let our demons be recognized and our identities realized, while our purpose is embraced. Continue to think differently.

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