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Covid-19 Diary Entry 8-20-20


Today I was talking to a customer about how the current pandemic is hard to understand. The truth of it all is hard to find, however, it's important to note that in all or at least most situations in life, you can figure out the truth if you focus well enough. One important aspect of focus to note is that whatever you focus on ends up becoming your reality. Focus on too much mainstream news and that becomes your reality. Spend all your time playing soccer? That becomes your reality. It's hard to widen our focus to a meta-view to truly understand what's happening around us.


I suppose this is why it's so important for us to have individuals parse through the necessary research to find the truth. One thing I found interesting was this one video i found that was posted a year ago on the Joe Rogan podcast stating that if the elite level of society were to avoid persecution for their crimes (pedophilia, etc.) they would start a world war of some kind. It seems that if this were true, that a pandemic would be even better. It's a physical and psychological war that truly can reach every corner of the world...


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