People Who Don't Believe Genuine People Exist

There was once a protest against Mr. Rogers, the children's TV actor and character. This is just one example out of many that a sizable portion of people in American culture do not believe that there can be people with genuine and wholesome intent. This can also be seen in women who sabotage their perfect relationship with a man because he's too good for them. They have been conditioned to believe something bad will come and they can't take the suspense any longer. That and a good amount of shame and guilt of past actions can make someone self-sabotage.


This is what it means to never trust anyone. You self-sabotage your life. This is talked about in the recent interview with Stephan


I have heard many times that those in certain industries will look upon others who believe in trust and loyalty as idiots. I rather look at it this way:

1. trust others

2. know that those people you trust can hurt you

3. be firm in your life and set yourself up in a way where you cannot be needlessly hurt by people who feel they are right in hurting you

4. filter out the people that break your trust and continue trusting those who still have earned it

5. be open to trusting others despite their ability to hurt you


If you go through life being naive of people being able to hurt you, that is not good. But it's in some way even worse to go through life never trusting anyone. By naively trusting people, you might get hurt, but you will find genuine people along the way. When you are conditioned to not trust anyone, you will NEVER truly understand or get to know anyone in your life. Similar to this scene in Good Will Hunting


People have this obsession with looking perfect, with protecting their "brand". When in reality they are sabotaging themself by trying to pretend they're perfect, and acting in a way that gets them to relate to everyone. To be politically correct is to sabotage yourself from ever really knowing anybody. To always censor yourself would mean to risk going your whole life without ever really knowing yourself. How lonely is that? To not ever know anyone, and not even know yourself. This is the problem in this American culture. No one wants to risk being rejected or hurting their image or reputation so what happens is they end up kill themself over the course of their life with little lies that stack on top of each other until they realize one day they are with someone they don't actually know and don't actually love, and they don't even love or know themself. They might have kids, and they don't actually know their kids, and the kids pick up on how their mom and dad lie to each other, and the parents might even try to manipulate the other by telling their kids things that don't allign with reality. So the kids then grow up knowing that reality can bend to your will depending on what you say, and that truth is not real. 


Truth is real. The lies that you tell yourself will come back to haunt you and you will be running off the cliff like the coyote and roadrunner cartoon and only realize you were wrong when you look down. Many people in politics find themselves in this situation when they get so deep into that game that they realize their life is on the line if they don't continue playing the game. The whole purpose of a game is to simulate reality and connect with others, but when the game is based on lies, and no one ever plays a truth based game, then nobody wins, and everyone leaves the game wondering why they even played it.


Don't play this politically correct game all the time. You might make more money temporarily by playing it, but the price you pay is your peace and happiness and this debt is much greater than the money you make playing the game. This debt is passed on to your kids and their kids.


Genuine people do exist, and they exist everywhere. If you do not see them, chances are that you are not being genuine. They genuine people have filtered you out, and the only way to get back on track in life is to start being honest with yourself and being honest with those around you. If you have trusted people and have been hurt, you have to recondition yourself to learn that you have to still trust but with the caveat that those who hurt you must be filtered out. This is for the sake of your happiness, and your family's happiness. Or at the very least, even if being honest doesn't give you happiness, it will give you peace. Continue to think differently.



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