People Who Seek Discipline From Others

Let's take a small dive into a certain type of individual.


There seems to be a certain type of personality that desires discipline. This type of person subconsciously is looking for the discipline a traditional father would provide. Generally speaking, a father provides discipline and instills encouragement in their children. When a person does not get this, they tend to seek it through other external outlets. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, or authority figures, these can all fill this hole in these peoples' hearts.


Drugs: drugs can help give people confidence they never had before. This can be by stimulating their minds so that they don't think about their insecurities, or by suppressing the anxious thoughts they will have.

Authority figures: this is the interesting part as this can come in many different forms. Police, government (local, state, federal), and teachers are a few examples. 


What I find so fascinating in these types of situations is that the person generally doesn't even notice it. That is the mystery of the unconscious mind, that we don't expect it to affect our decisions, but often the most disasterous actions we take are unconscious. The sad part is that others can relate to these people and they can show empathy, but ultimately, it takes a lot different approach to the problem that they most likely don't have the time or ability to give. This is where parents are so important.


A father can discipline a child, but the child can appreciate the disicpline on an unconscious level based on the assumption that they fully trust that their father wants the best for them. This is where we can grow resentful or bitter towards authority figures. The police can often times become corrupted and their discipline is not always pure. This is really harmful to society if we don't realize that these are people too. In some uncosnscious way, we want to respect and admire police officers, the same way we do with firefighters, however the bad police can be highlighted way more easily in the media. This can rub people the wrong way almost permanently. 


Now for drugs, they don't have any personality or persona. We idealize them, because even though they punish us in the long run from abuse, we can't blame drugs for harming us because they've helped us (dopamine, serotonine) feel better. Sometimes they make us feel what we have always missed. What we have to realize is that the father or authority figure we lacked in childhood has to be grown from within and not from any external sources.


We can seek respectable men to teach us how to empower ourselves, but it's hard to do this when we live in a world without trust. What we must do is develop a deep relationship with a man who no matter what wants the best for you. This can be in the form of therapy or a coach in a highly disciplined field that demands focus and harsh discipline for mistakes. This is really well replicated in MMA. This is why it's such a good antidote for what many of these types of people lack. Continue to think differently.



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