Plight of The Fool

The plight of The Fool.


What we divest from ourselves is what we sow. Our investment into our soul and character is how we differentiate ourselves from our future self and our present. What we miss at times is to reconcile our past differences to make room for our present ventures. We lose our sense of agency and dive head first into a rabbit hole of self-doubt and lack of control. This lack of control gives us a fear that drives directly at our identity. What we once had control over, now is lost in a sea of options. What might we decide to be today? A victim? An abuser? We see ourselves not for who we truly are, but for how others might see us. The key word here being ‘might’. What we might deserve instead is a harsh look at reality. The reality that no one really cares what you look like. Almost everyone is more concerned with how society views them, but the truly brave care how they view themselves. This bravery can mount ourselves up into the position of rectitude. From this vantage point we can truly view where we want to go because we now see where we stand. You can now stay on this path because you are aware of where you are. Subduing our consciousness only serves to drift us from this path, and this is the plight of the fool. Only a Fool would see their true path and then commit to drifting away from it. Only a Fool could see their true potential and be afraid of the responsibility. Only a Fool should count only as far as others deem they should be able to. Rid yourself of this plight and instead bid yourself your flight.

Continue to think differently.


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