Public Spirited Citizen

Where do we find our moral compass?

At what point do we say we are moral enough? How do we distinguish good morals from bad ones? We ask questions to gain knowledge, to self-educate. Without our continuous pursuit of knowledge, generations will go without progress, and societies will collapse. Willful ignorance inspires needless mistakes. Let us learn from our forefathers as a reference guide as to what constitutes patriotism. Our work ethic can be aimed at working for goodness. Do these acts in the public eye and you will be loved by most, and loathed by few.


When doubtful of our spirit, how do we maintain?

 Let's band together and hold on to each other's shoulders for strength when we are sick. When we are low, others can help keep us steady as we stand back up. Never lose sight of who's beside you, because there's no way to succeed without others. Get lost in life with no reprimanded behavior. Deliver your happiness to every and all situations. Be a character, but that character is who you want to be. Never lose faith in yourself. Continue to think differently.


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