How to Gain Peace in Old Age

My Wise Friend

I was talking to a customer of mine who is a retired attorney. He is 70 years old at the time of writing this. He is a very smart man who came up from very little just like me. It seems this has a very important effect on people as they age. To come up from nothing is a rite of passage that some who consider themselves successful will never be able to experience without throwing everything they have away and starting from nothing. This is the gift of peace that comes with the price of earning your way to old age. It seems that those who grow old, but have not earned their age are stuck in youthful ignorance.


The Power of the Father. The Wisdom of the Son.

There's a saying that goes The Power of the Father, The Wisdom of the Son. It seems that those who grew up with strong or present fathers gained much of the power they have from that power being passed down to them. What I mean by this is that those who grow up with encouragement and confidence in them as kids can take that power into adulthood and accomplish a lot. However, many do not gain the wisdom of earning their rite to be on this earth. They are riding off the work of their ancestors. What happens when this is the case is that they ride through life having the confidence to have a successful career and achieve many things, but they have no real wisdom to pass on to their children. The only thing they have to pass on is their power. This is the fault of the elites. This is their struggle. A family cannot handle generational wealth and the power that comes with it if their father does not pass on the wisdom learned from attaining the power they earned. 


What happens when this kind of chain of events occurs is what happened to my customer. He said to me that he once was having lunch with a peer of his who did have everything given to him from childhood. He never had the opportunity to earn his power and thus he felt that the opportunity to feel like he earned his way in this world was robbed of him. He envied my customer for being able to come up from nothing. This is where the gift of peace comes in.


The Gift of Peace

My customer has accomplished much in his life, and as his motivation and ability to continue doing things dwindles, he has come to accept his relationship with mortality. He seemed to have much conflict with what was happening to him in old age, so I asked him what gives him peace these days. He told me about how his relationship with nature has grown as he has been faced with mortality. It seems that once you have earned your rite in this world, you can accept peace in returning to the dirt from which we came from. It seems the more you have proven yourself, when you can't prove yourself further, your peace is much easier to realize. This is the gift we give our future selves for putting in the work today. This is the gift we can allow our children to experience when we don't spoil them with riches and power they themselves have not earned. This is where the culture in America is not wise.


If we were wise, we would instill in our fathers that if their children earned their keep, it would build stronger families. This allows for the generational wealth to continue righteously. This is what and how my 70 year old customer taught me how to gain peace in old age. Continue to think differently.



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