Sing in Everything You Do


I had an English professor in high school who had a lasting effect on the way I view doing things in the world. She said that when we write, we should write in such a way that our words sang to us. What she meant was that in the way you write, the cadence in which you form your sentences, there is a rhythm and wave that is produced. If we can take this knowledge of being able to sing and transform it to other ways of doing this, I believe we can live a life of harmony.


Dancing Together

When two dancers are dancing together, they are in sync with each other. They can feel the vibrations of the other person and be locked in with every step and every movement. This is where you have captivated someone and are playing in harmony. This is such a special event that people will pay a lot of money to see it happening live. There is truth in singing and beauty in it. There is not much else in life as pure as this, to have truth and beauty working together peacefully and smoothly. This is something so rare in our culture in's almost lost as we dance now for pleasure rather than peace and harmony. We grind on each other to get to the primordial goal of synchrony, but even sex is a tool for pleasure in our culture, and is primarily transactional rather than relational. When we want to live a meaningful life, we must throw away the pleasures or atleast not prioritize them and isntead reach for the peace. This is what dancing together gives, a peace of mind knowing that you can truly trust someone. When we sing and dance, we are showcasing our ability to resonate truth and beauty. Again, it can not be stated enough, that this captivates people and draws them in. 


Singing For the People

There's a scene in the movie 1917, where soldiers are gathered around sitting like school children to listen to a fellow soldier sing a song. This scene was very powerful in showcasing the dichotomy of what grabs our attention - war and beauty. 


This is what is so important about singing. It grips us to the point that it is the equivalent in importance to war. For all the wars that have been fought, there are 10,000 more songs that have been written. It's true that beauty shines farther and brighter than the evil of war. What happens when we sing is it reaches deep into the depths of our souls and grabs us and shakes us back to what we really are. We are just like anything else in this world, vibrations of atoms. When we can hear and see the essence of what we are in the form of singing, we relate on a level of nature that rocks us to our core. 


What we can hope for is that more beauty is to come.


Sing in Life

When we work we can sing. When we play we can sing. When we read, we can rhyme with the author and relate their song to ours. We can vibrate in sync with each other in everything we do.

Try to imagine what these people are feeling. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine the feeling of connection to the person next to you and the group as a whole. This is very powerful. This is what is in our genes and has been with us for thousands and thousands of years. It's been with us for that long because it's important. Watch this video and pay attention to how we can be in sync with song and dance and remember that as we work, it is important that we bring this type of singing to our daily lives and work with each other in truth and beauty to seek peace and fulfillment. Continue to think differently.



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