Staying Positive

Staying Positive.

It’s difficult to stay positive in this dramatic day and age. We are surrounded by noise and hardships that seem to drag us down rather than up. We should refocus our passions to understand why we want them rather than how to attain them or even what they are exactly. The reason being is that no matter what you end up doing it is crucial to hold a passion for the end goal. If you do not have that, then you have nothing. One of the fastest ways to disaster is by not knowing why you’re there in the first place. Confusion leads to unsympathy and regrets are soon to follow. We shouldn’t address these issues without first examining how we function as individuals and as team members. Do we need alone time? How do we want our day to day schedule to be like?

We need to delve deep into exactly how we can optimize ourselves to obtain the best outlook every day. Every day is important because every day you make the decision to be moving forward in life or sinking. Every day you decide whether to let life weigh you down or to climb higher. It’s never been easy and it’s never in history been harder to stay blissfully ignorant when we see others’ success bombastically shouted at us via social media almost every second of the day. We can’t look away for one minute without facing the depressing outcome and reality of comparing one’s self to another. We all live vastly different lives, but we are all so very similar. We carry the human innocence we were all born with inside of us. Our kindred spirit may lie dormant, but it is still there. Let us not forget this because once we do, we have forgotten our roots and our bearings as our own.

Grab hold of what you love and never let it go. Never chase it, but instead always be embracing it. The further your passion escapes you, the longer it will take to become successful. Do not hesitate and do not let yourself fall into an inescapable rut. We are strong people who need only but ourselves to become happy. However, we become happier much more easily when we share a love with another human. Let’s get up from our chairs and stand up and reach higher. We can’t sit back and let time roll on or self we risk our livelihood and compassion. And most importantly…continue to think differently.


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