Do or Die



You are either swimming forward in life or you’re sinking. Usually the things that hold us back tie back to fear. We tend to see the worst in ourselves. Maybe its an evolutionary trait, but whatever the reason for it being there, it’s there and we must confront our fears to become successful. No one ever attained their dreams by not being afraid, but only those who acknowledge that fear and continue forward are truly brave. And that’s what it boils down to, are you brave enough to handle your fears to become successful? As corny as it sounds. most of the time our biggest enemy is ourselves. When your chest tightens and your heart pumps harder, anxiety kicks in as our brains are yelling at us to stop what we’re doing because it will hurt us. Are we afraid of emotional or physical pain? Our pride and ego play a big role in activating our anxiety—we start to think what others might think of us and if it will harm our reputation. The thing you have to realize is that with 8 billion people on this planet, you don’t have to worry about that. Maybe back in our tribal days where you would only travel a very small distance from where you were born that would be an issue because you would be around those same people in your village or tribe all your life. However, today we live in a world society which gives all the more reason to be ourselves. Who’s stopping you? Who’s stopping you from becoming who you want to be. Don’t focus on who you were in the past, you’re not that person anymore. You can only look forward. You can only swim forward in life. To quote one of my favorite movies, Gattaca, “Never save anything for the swim back”. And the second you stop swimming forward is when you start sinking. You might argue, well I don’t really feel like I’m sinking in life, more like just staying afloat. It doesn’t matter. To me it’s all the same. Wasted time is wasted time, there’s no way to get that time back, and living a healthy life necessitates always caring about yourself. Sometimes people will get into a bad relationship and they’ll become dependent on that person for their happiness, this is not okay. You need to stay focused on your dreams and passions even while in a relationship. Never lose sight of who you are and how important being who you are really is. Don’t be discouraged if you slip up, failure is where we learn the most. Take these slip ups and make them your platform for which you will move forward all the wiser. Let’s say you’re 20 years old right now. Well you still have your 5-year-old self in you, you still have your 10-year-old self in you, and even your 15 year old self. Don’t let that be a setback, let it be the building blocks to who you are and where you want to be. Don’t stay inside your head. Live in the world, be a part of it. No one will know how much you have to offer until you share it. It’s like the old saying if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, did it even happen? Well, if you never tell anyone what you did in your life, will you ever get anywhere? Maybe your life’s work made a difference, but you must share it with others for it to matter to others. Humans need social interaction to maintain a healthy mind. Girls more so than guys, but nonetheless everyone still needs to socialize. All of this is really vague so shoot me a text detailing your situation and I’ll try to help you. Remember to always be trying to gain control over the person staring back at you in the mirror and I’ll talk to you guys soon. Continue To Think Differently.


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