The American Culture Telephone Game

There is a game that kids can play in a large circle. It's called the telephone game. The first person whispers something to the person to their left or right and the next person whispers what they heard to the next person and so on until it gets to the last person and they announce what they heard. The fun part of the game is noticing how distorted the message became after so many reiterations. This can be compared to culture and tradition. Our ancestors create traditions that they pass along to the next generation. After years and years, the original story or tradition can change. The mark of strong culture could be said to be how well that tradition or story has stayed the same over generations.


The American culture is that of capitalism. So one generation says work hard and collect resources. The next generation might only have heard the collect resources part and didn't quite understand what the said other than that. The next generation might get the message of collect resources at any cost. While this message is being communicated and whispered to the next generations, each generation is trying to capitalize on the information and knowledge they gathered from their parents before them. It gets to the point where we are at now, where the generations are hearing, screw over anyone and everyone at all costs to collect resources for yourself. The American culture has been corrupted by the power of our mothers and fathers. While capitalism is very good at creating new materialistic advances, we don't have a strong and moral culture to help bridge the gap between generations.


Each generation is getting progressively more screwed from the last. The original robber barrons that had to work hard and make a lot of money only passed down to their children that money is important. They might have showed them that hard work is necessary but they never set boundaries as to what is good business practices and what is bad.


What we might gain from this is that perhaps it's time to realize our culture isn't strong and perhaps we never had culture or traditions to begin with. The stories we tell our children are vastly different than the ones that helped build our nation. The boomers never learned how to be moral from their parents, because their parents were resentful of the world and they couldn't trust even their intimate partners.


The probability that our American culture telephone game will continue at this rate is hard to imagine. The only way it can continue is if someone rewrites American culture, researches what made this country great, and communicate this loudly and to everyone possible. There needs to be a change, because we are lying to our children, and without a new game with new rules, we might not fair well in the 21st century.


Continue to think differently.



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