The Biggest Fear of Descendents of the Rich (100K+/yr.)

There's a scene in the famous Titanic movie by James Cameron where sitting at dinner the fiance of Rose states "a real man makes his luck" in response to a man that life consists solely of luck. (1:40 Mark)

This is the crux of what terrifies those who come from money. Their biggest fear is to be called out publically for their lack of independence and true lack of ability to create any wealth from nothing. They would like to believe that they worked for their money, but almost everyone sitting first class on the titanic had significant help from their parents.


They envy the ability for some to come from nothing and work their way up to wealth. The reason is that they can never say for certain that they are self made. What this means is that they can never fully justify their place and role in society. If they have been given power they did not earn, then they are not real men. If someone realizes this in their 40's and 50's they may even feel hopeless and resentful at the world for their riches because the world never gave them a chance to prove themselves. If they had an initiation of some sort they would be much happier. Perhaps this is why they cherish their fraternity years in college so much. They desire so much to feel like they worked for their right to be in a society or club. They are constantly chasing a dream that they can never achieve. They think if they make more money maybe they'll prove to themselves that they indeed are worthy now.


The role of fathers in this scenario cannot be understated. If their fathers truly cared about their sons, they would guide them through an initiation ceremony of some sort, training them beforehand and then letting them try out their wings so to speak and prove themselves. Buckminster Fuller says it best that when we earn a living we are earning our right to live on earth. We as men must prove ourselves to feel truly fulfilled and many of the wealthy and rich who did not entirely earn their wealth will forever be stuck trying to prove themselves. This is where the fear takes over. They live a life of fear and they know if they falter from their social dynamic, it adds insult to injury in that they truly aren't worthy. This is why they try so desparately to fit in, because it gives them the feeling like they do belong, and their life is justified. If you can't justify your life in any way, you are more likely to commit suicide. This is what is at stake when you lose social standing or purpose and internal confidence from a fulfilling life.


When we look at those who come from nothing and those who came from everything, we have to understand what their vulnerabilities are to fully empathize or perhaps to just better understand them. If you are confused as to why wealthy people who were born into wealth seek to make more money, you might have your question answered here. We seek to make our fathers proud, and when our fathers have set the bar so low, or so high, we have a hard time finding balance in the middle. If we cannot find balance in our lives we substitute our unhappiness with vices and short term pleasures.


If you are poor, understand the opportunity for true accomplishment and fulfillment you have available to you. If you are rich and have been since birth, understand that that money is not yours, and that to feel like you deserve to be here, you have to prove yourself from the ground up just like every other man.


Continue to think differently.



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