The Future of A.I.

The Issue

One of the most debilitating factors in the future of our society is that many common jobs will be displaced by technology. Autonomous vehicles and data crunching artificial intelligence (A.I.) will displace many Americans and others worldwide. This is the 4th industrial revolution and we are bearing witness to its very rise today.

 Our Reaction

The most fantastical part of this revolution is that for once in human history, our jobs won't be taken by other, better people, or outsourced to cheaper waged people, but instead to machines. This will affect the lowest common denominator of American the most, but also affect the middle class as well. Many people who will inevitably lose their job will not welcome A.I. to destroy their livelihood. There is also something to be said of someone's life purpose being woven into their job. Without a job, many men turn to drugs or other risky behaviors to feel that sense of well being that responsibility and identity gives. 

 The Realization

What more can be said about a technology that will ruin our sense of purpose in life than that of evil? Not to say it's a bad idea of course, but at what point is technology too helpful? At what point do we realize that we either have to augment our lives and bodies to keep up or be left in the vacuum of space that is a life of no meaning. 

 The Solution

See the way I see it is that our society is already divided right now as it is. We are being torn apart from the inside out culturally, where our order is meeting chaos and having no answer. The limits of our discretion are being pushed and our solutions to life's necessary sacrifices are being put on trial. What we might be able to do is understand what is going on, and then focus on individualism in order to fix this off-balance nature. If we focus on fixing each individual's personal battles between chaos and order, maybe we collectively start making an impact. This can be efficiently done via the internet where people mainly have a 1 on 1 interaction with the digital content. This allows more personal experience to be had, without the regulations and handicaps required in group orating. What we might see is that understanding ourselves from within can help us see the world differently.

 All together and all for all

Without action in the shape of an organization willing to take on the responsibility of guiding the population, all of us will collectively walk off a cliff, and realize we are falling only after we take our final step. What we have to realize is that we are the culmination of millions of years of fine-tuned natural selection. Our nature and nurture is how it is for a reason. Tampering with this equilibrium will only serve to either force us to become inhuman and augmented, or human and natural. The human spirit is hard and mighty, but we need to trust ourselves enough to know that we are how we are for a reason. Whether we see that reason or not is up to the individual. Continue to think differently.


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