The Moral Businessman


One thing I've been thinking about lately is the morality of doing business. I've been noticing that many seemingly do not know how to be ethical and moral in doing business. It is very easy to do only the thing that is right for you. And more so, if one has accepted this hellish morality, then they can use their intellect to extract more value from the person they are attempting or are currently doing business with. In my experience with those types from LA and the Bay Area of California as well as many, many other cities, is that they have grown up in a ammoral or perhaps more accurately, an immoral family life and they have extended this experience to the social world at large. There's a commonly used expression, it's a dog eat dog world, and many live in such a way that perpetuates the accuracy of this expression. What I have found is that many think you to be an idiot if you do not play this game of viciousness.


I can understand why someone would think that this may be true, in that they haven't reached further past this reality to see if there is more beyond this. They have not thought outside their initial family environment to trancend their social hierarchy and bring true value to their family and future generations. This is the crux of what I am getting at. The family is the beginning and the end. The family is what starts these problems and dictates how you live and how you die. I've observed that many in the upper middle class experience all of the bad with very little of the good of the dog eat dog world. They have no trust in or between intimate relationships. Mothers and fathers often lie to each other and kids pick up on this. The child then proceeds into life with the expectant perspective that everyone lies to each other no matter how intimate they are. This is so wrong and skews the perspective of the child so horribly that the effect is that child turns into an individual that desires to be a part of the collective society or group, but can't ever fully connect with anyone on a fully genuine level. They have a moderate likelihood of living a life of much success in career, but very little if any success in intimate relationships. The bad news for them is that intimate relationships are the most fulfilling part of life whether it be with a wife or husband, or more importantly with their children. 


Breaking the Cycle

Curiosity is the antidote to breaking this cycle. This extends to not only the upper middle class, but also to the lower class. The curiosity to trancend your environment's parameters. This is where the growth happens, when you are constantly challenging the environment you grew up in with the aim to having a fulfilling life. Whether you grow up surrounded by gangs or by wealthy people, we all can learn more. This is where it's difficult for people. We grow up as kids thinking the environment we were raised in is normal. We begin to think silver spoons or guns and drugs are normal. We live these lives under the pretense that this is what we should expect. The reality is that nothing is truly normal. There is no normal, but there is hope and truth, and hope and truth are things we can reach for at all points in life. If we have hope and curiosity to attain the truth we are denying our expectancy of hell, and we are reaching for heaven with the idea that it is always possible to atleast reach. The right to the pursuit of happiness. 


This is where the moral businessman struggles. When they have achieved much of what they set out to do. Whether they came from being an orphan or with 2 parents is that they can either learn to adapt to the immoral business world or they can leave and get a normal job and volunteer on the weekends. This is not reality. The true and right reality is that of doing business morally because if you do not, you lose yourself. If we lose ourselves, we lose our family, and if we lose our family, we lose our family line.


The Family

It is vital that we aim to trancend the common business venture of screwing the person next to us so that we can be higher in status than them. It is more fulfilling to be in a position of power and feel that you truly deserve it, because if you are in a position of power, but you know you do not truly deserve it, you will live in your own personal hell and that hell will be passed down to your children. We carry the sins of our fathers and mothers, and if they did not do the work to live righteously, then we carry that responsibility and weight on our shoulders as well as the weight of the world. This is a burden few can handle. This is where we must realize the importance of morality. The worst societies are that where there are dishonorable men, and premiscuous women for they do not have any hope and are in a constant hell of dog eat dog. Let's eat together, and thrive together as one family. Continue to think differently.



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