The Plan

So today I was working on how i will go about prototyping the app and building the framework to start showcasing how the app/program will work/function. 


It’s exciting that I’m putting the pieces together slowly but surely. I think this is the part of what  like to talk about with slowly escaping out of chaos and into order. Even while I’ve been struggling lately to figure things out the more I lean in to this business, the more it strengthens my outlook on how bright the future is. I feel like I have many of these types of posts promising big things, and maybe that’s obnoxious to a certain extent, however it really is how the whole process seems to go especially when you are doing it solo in the rough beginning. 


A mini realization that I’ve had in the past week is that to convince others of your goals you have to have a working prototype to sell the idea and I’ve created a clear path and clear cut goals in order to reach this. While I’m not celebrating per say in this, I have become more relieved that I feel more confident. Also what I’m realizing is that the more I put into the backend work, the easier and less anxious I feel in the idea of bringing my ideas to others I seek support from because I will have something to show for all my grandiose ideas. To have friends in the right places is a great thing, and for those people to be genuinely good, I think things are looking good. the R programming language has become a great choice of programs to learn after all. 


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