The Purgatory of the Masses

So it seems that the opioid crisis is getting worse as the pandemic is coming to a close. We have been locked in and treated as cattle as we are told what to do, where we can do things, and when is okay. What we seem to be forgetting during this is that this time has afflicted damage to people in many different ways. Some have profited greatly as we see billionaires getting richer. The poor have benefited in some unemployment money in the case of the United States and other first world nations, but those in rural areas or nations have been struggling.What seems to be the case is that a transfer of wealth occurred as attention has narrowed to our devices and pleasures as we are less connected to the world than ever before. With less and less things able to be capitalized, the pandemic showed us what really is making the big bucks. What we can infer is that data and attention are valuable to marketers, sales agents, and online stores. What we can predict in the future is that many are going to be flocking to vices to feel more connected to the world around them.

It's ironic in that we are nearing our 250-300 year period of time in which governments change. We can feel it in the air as we are in a power vacuum in the United States. It seems that while the poor are weak and have no sense of purpose or identity, the rich are further losing sight of their responsibilities as people in power. It seems that those who had strong families continuously want to hold on to their power and wealth thinking that they need to continue their family legacy without realizing their time is up. They do not have much more to provide humanity, and that they must create systems to continue a peaceful transition of power.

It seems that while this would be the righteous path out of our current spiritual and economic dilemma, those who are used to having this privilege are rigging the game to continue benefiting themselves. This will be met with the usual historical precedent of chaos, followed by rigorous order, followed by rebellion and peace. It will be interesting to note how those who are in power are living in bubbles that are inflating their ego and soon their inflationary ego will pop as they realize they are disconnected with reality and that the power they think they have in paper land ownership or economic leverage will be lost as they extend themselves too far.

Perhaps some do this to appease their fathers, to continue their family's legacy. But perhaps as well, that a family legacy cannot continue unless it has a religious ethos behind it as a moral structure. As we continue forward in this capatilistic society, we have felt the perils of cultures such as that in LA and New York or that off the Chinese authoritarians who would sacrifice their own children to gain more gold.

It is interesting as we live in a virtual global society to see if those who have noticed the impact of social media will give it up or if they will go elsewhere seeking solidarity in physical and/or virtual connectedness with those they deem congruent to.

What I hope for is that we create a system that focuses on the individual and scale this system using the internet to reach as many as possible. This system could stablize society and teach those in ego bubbles and those that seek ego through vices that they can find inner strength in connectedness with what they already have. If we can utilize our global perpuitity successfully, we can continue to populate new planets with the knowledge that we now have a system to stabilize ourselves when chaos ensues. This will be the power of A.I. as well as we trancend our own biased intelligence and can counter our ego with an external information database. The danger there lies with us identifying toxic heuristics and implanting them into artificial intelligence.

We should not simulate intelligence with personality or else we will further accelerate our demise. It is either we use artificial intelligence to stablize our ego's or we will reach further damnation. This damnation will render us totally incapable of reaching neither paradise nor hell, we will stay in the purgatory of the masses. This is not the time to look back or else we will find ourselves behind the gates we have worked so hard for millenia to reach.



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