The State of the World

So it seems that the world is really taking a deep dive as of late. I've become very surprised with how Covid has turned out. It seems that it's not so much a deadly virus anymore but a deadly way to control people.


Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we are all being told to not travel to be with family and that we should uninvite everyone we know and love. It's so anti-human that it really disgusts me. I've been at my new apartment for a few months now and everything is going well here, however it seems everytime I go online to see what's happening in the world, it's always bad news. I can't help but think about how everyone is being manipulated into feeling more sensitive and more negative. I have been trying to focus more on the problems in front of me as always taking a metacognitive perspective of society is very bad for my own mental health it seems. Perhaps I'm not strong enough yet to continually analyze what's happening on a national level.


I have been priding myself in continuing to work throughout this whole pandemic, and it seems that many small business owners I know and have read about online are hurting bad during these times. This is what I mean when I say it seems this virus is being used to control people.


It is almost certainly man made, and both China and the United States had a hand in creating this virus. This is not pushed in the mainstream media, but if you've looked at how the structure of this virus is, they designed it in such a way that is highly transmissable and comprimises vulnerable immune systems. The mainstream media also neglects to comment on how to keep your immune system healthy all the while liquor sales are hitting record levels. What's also is record levels is depression and suicide. It seems if you look at the results of this pandemic, it's not so much the death toll that is most shocking, it's the effect it's had on our collective psyche. People are afraid to look at each other, to interact with each other. We're afraid to love and touch. If we were to judge the impact of this social distancing by net effect, it most certainly has done more harm than good. 


Initially, I thought this virus was worse than they made it out to be. Perhaps it really does affect Asian people or other ethnicities more than others. This exact train of thought in this paragraph is where I become stressed thinking about the future. If this is indeed man made, and the lockdowns are completely having a net negative effect, then what is the desired end goal here? To destroy interpersonal trust and relations altogether? You can say what you want, but it seems that we're in for some dark times. After speaking with clients of mine who are in the know with past celebrities. Dark times are indeed ahead of us.


This has made it difficult for me to keep a level and optimistic frame of mind and why I have strayed from my responsibilities, however, I am getting back on track now. Like so many others during these days, I've been battling my demons internally, and it seems that if I sacrifice more in a more effective way, maybe I could put a little dent in our world for the greater good. No more drinking and wasting away my time. I believe we as a society of good people only have 10 years to start turning things in the right direction in terms of mental health or else we'll fall apart. None of what we see in the news whether it's election fraud or a pandemic is heartwarming, but the goals we have and the hope we can foster serves more to our lives than we initially may have thought at the start of this ordeal. Continue to think differently,



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