Theory U


If you're looking for a solution to starting to change things around in your world, then Theory U is your solution. Theory U was developed by a man named Otto Scharmer in order to give management teams in industry a competent change management method that would bring about inner knowing and social innovation. This can also be applied to change management to whole organizations and also with our individual selves. We'll go over this diagram:

Theory U Diagram

We start on the top left and end up on the bottom right

Benefits of Theory U

The benefit of following this method is that we can comfortably take small steps to put our lives back on track with a better value system that more aligns with our goals and aspirations. More so, it puts into place a plan rather than just a dream of being able to change our ineffective ways. This can help us rediscover who we are and what we are working towards in life, and also figure out what isn't working from a third person perspective. Many people would like to tell others that their life is fine and they should be grateful for all they have. I instead think it is more empowering to tell someone "you're right, something is wrong in your life, and you are probably one of the problems, but you can do something about it". This has a much more potent effect on peoples' lives. 

The 5 parts of Theory U Explained

  1. Co-initiating common intent: Stop and listen to others and to what life calls you to do.

  2. Co-sensing the field of change: Go to the places of most potential and listen with your mind and heart wide open.

  3. Presencing inspiration and common will: Go to the threshold and allow the inner knowing to emerge.

  4. Co-creating strategic microcosms: Prototype the new to explore the future by doing.

  5. Co-evolving through innovations: Ecosystems that facilitate seeing and acting from the whole.



By following this strategy you can bring about new changes in your present life and your future. This information will be explained further in the World Power Designs Online Course: The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Your Fears. This will be released in Q1 2019. All of this change that will bring about the best version of you which only starts when you continue to think differently.


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