Time, Collectivism, and Our Truth

Time is a very peculiar thing to live within. We skate by on our time on this earth against the fabric of space-time. Through the experience of a lifetime, we get to see our whole 4th-dimensional body. From when we are born to our death encompasses our whole existence and everything we would end up being. That’s a privilege unknown in any other domain.


Our Potential

To know the full life cycle firsthand and remember most of it allows us to paint a picture of who we are, what we are, and what we are capable of. Who is to say what is or is not possible when we live in a sea of options?


True Slavery

The only true slavery is that of the mind. For even those enslaved physically can be free mentally and many of those free thinkers attempt a physical escape from their predicament. These are the objectives one must understand if they are to really empathize with that of the cortex of decision making. Once we make a decision, we bend our time-space existence of who we are. We are constantly contorting ourselves to our realities to find purpose and identity…happiness.


The real disasters of life can be avoided

What we once considered to be a dreary existence, that of life, we now can look at with transcendental hearts and minds. Our eyes can only see so far but our minds can create limitless domains. When we close our eyes, we can dream of alternate realities, experience emotions within this new perception and return to our conscious world with tools to tackle our most difficult mental problems.


We are time travelers and world creators

We are already world creating time travelers and yet we act like we are futile jellybeans. What more can I say to persuade you that nothing we experience is enslavement, except when we subscribe to the untimely belief that we might not deserve better.


Consequences of our fears

Our fears can harbor our emotions and memories for the most uncertain of times. This is an unfortunate situation to be in as when we experience the transition from one matrix of reality to another, acceptance of responsibility is required, but if we have not accepted the responsibilities of our current reality, then there is no room for growth.



The Matrix and the intruder

When one intrudes upon life on earth as a baby, we are given a rudimentary relationship with our mothers, all the way to one day where we embrace the ultimate responsibility of creating a familial matrix of our own. When we relinquish ourselves from the ability to carry on to this familial matrix, we deny ourselves growth, and with this, we deny ourselves freedom. Some may look at the creation of a family as a horrible curse of which they will go out of their way to prevent any form of conception. However, the ability to create is the ultimate freedom, for then when we do decide to make that transition to the next matrix, we are doing so with full intention to take on the responsibility. This is to the benefit of the unborn intruder the mother will breach into the world. Where are our moralities if we cannot simply accept that we must grow and progress?


What happens when our lives become too easy

When our lives become too easy, we can begin to see the reality we have as unrewarding. We can begin to view our lives as something not worthy of fighting for because we have never had to fight for anything. When we forever holster our weapons and only wield our shields, we open ourselves up to even more suffering. For at least when we fight back, we have a chance.


Only defending will lead to despair

To only defend is to welcome perpetual torment. When we consider our avenues in life, the responsibilities, and burdens of our humanity, one might be frightened by what we can become when too hostile. This is a fair thought argument; however, we dismiss the importance of deliberation when we accept the fortitude of weakness.


Thoughts on Collectivism

Collectivism can harbor us to dwell in the present where there is no truth. Truth can only be found in acceptance of a coming future. When we live in a world of social media where the past does not matter until it is used to tear one down, why is that our enemies must take on the responsibility of precedent, but ourselves the privilege of hedonistic reparations? Until we become the arbiters of our own environments, we will forever live in the shadows of our potential selves and with our truth laid to bed beside us, we only are conscious of our lies. This reality torments the mind and leaves us full of hatred and vengeance. This vengeance we harbor can be fueled by our desire for empathy, and the rationalization of revenge with empathetic remorse can destroy nations.


Our future self is the most important person

We must serve our future selves and not our present perspectives. We live not for our past or present, we live to better our future, and if we can step away from our shadowy ego’s and derive purpose and meaning from our responsibility to our future selves, maybe the deathly ideologies that allow vengeful present-full destruction to prosper will meet their demise. Once upon a time where this can thrive, we will as well. Continue to think differently.


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