Truth from Wickedness

“Certain portions of truth the wicked and unfortunate are more favorably situated and have a greater likelihood of success”

- Friedrich Nietzsche


It seems that those who are more apt to evil can bare more truth. It could possibly be said that they have stronger minds than most, but that in the exposure to truth and evil, they were tilted to learn from that truth and regard it as the truth to live by. Perhaps this is what happens to soldiers and can turn them evil or good. It seems that those abandoned by the utility of morality seek life outside of the bounds of being controlled by higher authorities whether they be human or spiritual.


Perhaps we could learn a thing or two by those in history who havre shown themselves to be evil by dispersing with their evils and focusing on the psychology of how they gained success. Now that I think of it this might be the thinking beyond Robert Greene’s 48 laws of power. It seems that though we might be dissuaded by the actions of those who scare or frighten us, if we are to prove ourselves strong willed, a good test might be to delve into the histories of our evil past and bare the tragedies and evils that have occurred. World War 1, World War 2, chemical warfare, communism, nationalism. All these things are to be regarded with not respect per say but the respect that one needs to give to one’s enemy whereas they are your ultimate foe and you must learn about them to conquer them.



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