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When it comes to the state of the culture, we are in a tight spot. We are between a labor movement, economic recession, and extreme profitability attained from inflation. When we look at how things have progressed in our society, of course social media is still affecting us in a negative manner.


This is even more so as social media is completely normalized in today's society. This has put strain on interpersonal relationships, business dealings, and families. The nuclear family is all but destroyed for the lower class society. It is barely hanging on for the lower-middle class (50k to 120k per year), middle class (120k to 400k), and upper-middle class (400k to 1 million). The upper middle class and upper class (1+ million per year) are the only people who can experience peak Western Culture. If you do not have this type of disposable income you are not able to experience detoxifying experiences or distractionary experiences. the weight of class guilt is held by the middle and upper middle class. These people hold about 10-20% of the American population and are direct influencers on upper class individuals who require these people's services to have complete cultural satisfaction. While upper class individuals enjoy lower and lower-middle class suffering, they cannot enjoy this suffering from those they can have some relation to.


With this in mind we come to the direction we are all headed towards. We are headed towards recession. This recession will be the first with full social media distractionary tactics while lower class suffererings will be collectivized online. This is why Elon Musk bought Twitter. As his upper class sufferings have been infringed or increased he feels threatened to control the communication of such sufferings. This is where we are. We are in the age of information of suffering to be controlled in a social media aspect. While anti-work sufferings are being scaled in communication and reformative work actions are being communicated at scale, we will be forced to endure what can and cannot be discussed. Words will be censored and money will be commodified to those who can increase profits about inflation. We are in a tight spot but those who can prevail, will.

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