What I Wish

I wish I knew what was wrong with society. It seems people are disconnected with how they view the world. There is no trust, and there are no real bonds between people. Maybe this is just my delusion, but it feels like there are divides in this country that will be extremely hard to mend. How does someone go about solving mental health? That’s like asking how do you cure cancer and how do you help someone who had cancer integrate back into society as if to forget the hardships they had endured?


These are things that can be ongoing, and lifetime battles. So why shouldn’t there be an organization that is there as a mental health hospital that can care for life? Why isn’t there a place where psychological care is 100% of what they deal with?


There is much to be learned in psychology. Both in the scientific veracity of it all, but also in the personable nurture that is required to bring someone back to fluid reality. Where might we stand if we don’t understand that these rules we have lived by might not always be right?


What is it that can sustain life on earth if we don’t have each other’s’ backs? Where is the humanity in capitalizing or communizing? We are not to be collectivized or profited against one another; perhaps there is another way to garner our hierarchies without the polygamy of reciprocity towards those who deserve more.


Our materialism is garnished with contempt of what one has and has not. What have we not learned from the 20th century will come back to haunt our 21st. Why must we be forced to repeat our histories under the façade of progress? For those who progress are in the minority, but capitalism has made their work the scalable. Most minorities do not have the advantage of capitalism, but instead, face the continuable rituals of society.


So, where we falter we aim to succeed. Where we need support is where no one looks. However, what might happen if we don’t? Well look around, and you might see the injustice of social exacerbation.

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