What Should Adam & Eve Done?

What should Adam and Eve done?


The story of Adam and Eve is about the importance of remaining faithful to transcendence in the face of the truth of life’s sufferings.


Transcendence: existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level.


People want to the easy way to transcend our experience and existence through drugs, alcohol, and other temptations that can ultimately lead to acedia. This is the danger when we delve into our temptations and then attempt to solve them through ignoring them or finding solace in ignorance.


Acedia: spiritual or mental sloth; apathy.


See there are reasons as to why we as humans with culture and language must take the truth and pursue transcendence. Adam and Eve ultimately did the right thing. They chose the hard route where you have to get through the jealousy and the envy and the shame of the truth of existence, but what isn’t clearly stated is that if you can understand the truth and continue on to transcendence, you will have won in life. You will be truly satisfied. Let’s look at a diagram that can help us understand the idea of how empathy is the first step to both having the correct response to ourselves and others and to maintaining transcendence.


Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.



 empathy jealousy envy shame diagram


As we see in the diagram, Jealousy connects with both envy and shame as these are decisions we make when we feel the fear of losing something. When we are faced with this fear of being shown the truth of what we don’t have we have a temptation to either envy it or shame it. Neither is a good option however let’s look at the reasons for why we do these things.


We envy when we are feeling a need to attack while in the present. We shame when we need to attack for the past and shaming can turn into shunning which is a attack of the future. The worst option we can pick however is to ignore or accept ignorance. This is the option that Adam & Eve did not choose which is neither good nor bad because it ultimately leads to the discovery of the truth of life. We are tempted to find out the real meaning of life only to discover that we are truly naked. What we can be sure of is that we have each other, suffering, and beliefs. The answer to solving ourselves once we have discovered this truth in life is to be empathetic towards ourselves and others. With this and the ability to continue on with our faith in our transcendence, we can reach the correct response for both others and our lives. If we have empathy in our jurisdiction we can deliver a profound rule that can guide our emotions.


One scholar states that emotion is a crucial role in our righteousness to ourselves and others:


“The immediate personal and social realm is fraught with uncertainty and is related to our fate. Therefore, we must be able to choose the most successful response essential to our existence.”

- (Nir)


In our quest to understand life, ourselves and others, we are met with the truth of uncertainty and our fate, however if we have this realization we ultimately have to go through this uncertainty with correct responses that are birthed from our almost delusional belief that we can always be better.


The Danger in not believing in transcendence


            We ultimately will fall into acedia pictured as such:

 acedia - wikipedia


We can see similar pictures if we look at the effects of heroin epidemics and opiod abuse. These drugs tempt us with acedia, our ability to not care about not caring. This is truly dangerous and destroys culture, it destroys relationships, the only truly good and righteous derivates that we can collect in the destitute world we are trapped on. With empathy we can understand that nothing good comes from abusing temptations. The value therapists can add to your life is empathy, and with empathy they can help you learn the truth of you and your story. With the truth laid bare you are scared, but a therapist can guide your emotions to the correct responses. This is the ultimate solution for much of our society today. We have people without guides in life and the first things they find that can give them transcendence and more specifically a reason to live is temptations like drugs or alcohol or sex. A life of apathy and greed is one of no importance, because you hold no importance in the intrinsic value of your fellow humans or yourself. It takes everyone to make a good society, and if we can start with understanding that our transcendence and belief that we can always be better, we can start changing the man in the mirror and be one more good and honorable piece of our chaotic world. Continue to think differently.


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 - WPD



1. Bina Nir. "The Individual and Society: The Social Role of Shame." Journal of Philosophical Criticism 1.2 (2018): Journal of Philosophical Criticism, 01 October 2018, Vol.1(2). Web.

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