Who's Stopping You?

One thing I’ve realized is that anything is possible and anything can happen. Our very existence on this planet is proof of concept. You have people like Al Capone and Marilyn Monroe who came from nothing and did what they had to to become some of the most well know individuals in history. Whether you disagree with their ethics, there drive and passion is something we can all respect. However I’ve been wondering how they reached such great heights of success? I realized that they did everything they had to do. They used what little resources they had to become successful and did not stop no matter how hard it was. I think this is what separates the strivers from the achievers. The only one stopping you from seeing the true strength and power within you is the person you see in the mirror and it doesn’t matter how the world views you because you have to keep doing you because it’s your life and your success and happiness that really matters in the end. This is really the key to finding peace within yourself. This is the basis of my new clothing brand World|  Power (power is spelled in reverse on the actual shirt). The basis of it is that the world is separate from your power over it and the power you see within yourself is what will actually help you see the world in a different way. It’s a brand designed for people who are up-and-comers, go-getters and people who will not let anything, even poverty stand in the way of their success, whatever success means to them. Sometimes we just have to conquer the person in the mirror to truly find the power of ourselves and see the world differently. Here’s a quote from psychologist Jordan Peterson that resonates deeply within me: 

 “You’re not the type of person who will do what you say. And so what sort of person are you? Well, that’s a psychoanalytic question, it’s a deep one. Because you’re a peculiar thing. And there are parts of you that are really really odd. The sort of naive—you, the naive young you that you think of yourself as is like a little piece of floss in an ocean of complexity. And the ocean of complexity is you. And part of diving down into the depths is to start to understand what it means to be human. Like whatever that means...the one thing you can say about it for sure is that it’s bloody peculiar.”

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